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Parkings near Lausanne, Vaud

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Parkings near Lausanne, Vaud

Lausanne City Parking Guide

Parkings near city center Parkings near airports Parkings near local roads Parkings near city landmarks Tips to find a parking in Lausanne

Parkings near city center

Lausanne Airport Parking

Lausanne Local Road Parking

  • Parkings near city landmarks

  • iconChez Richard (Food restaurant) nearby parking
  • iconRasude (Transport busstop)
  • iconPastaesfizi (Food restaurant)
  • iconEspace Dickens (Amenity publicbuilding)
  • iconCloselet (Transport busstop)
  • iconLe Closelet (Food cafe)
  • iconCabinet Vétérinaire (Health veterinary)
  • iconau bonheur des chiens (Shopping hairdresser)
  • iconMelting-Pot (Food fastfood) nearby parking
  • iconMigros (Shopping supermarket)
  • iconRasude (Transport busstop)
  • iconRasude (Transport busstop)
  • iconBenu (Health pharmacy)
  • iconPharmacie populaire de Grancy (Health pharmacy)
  • iconSleepy Bear (Food cafe)
  • iconLes Gosses du Québec (Food bar)
  • iconBanque WIR (Money bank) nearby parking
  • iconCoop (Shopping supermarket)
  • iconLa Bruschetta (Food restaurant)
  • iconS. M. T. New Asian Shop (Shopping supermarket)
  • iconBamee Bar (Food restaurant)
  • iconLes Trois Rois (Food restaurant)
  • iconSan Marino (Food restaurant)
  • iconCrêperie de Grancy (Food restaurant)
  • iconHôtel AlaGare (Accommodation hotel) nearby parking
  • iconCloselet (Transport busstop)
  • iconChez Sanga (Shopping convenience)
  • iconMirabeau (Transport busstop)
  • iconBio c bon (Shopping convenience)
  • iconal sacco (Food cafe)
  • iconPharmacie 24 (Health pharmacy)
  • iconBélphegor (Shopping book)
  • iconChez CFF (Food restaurant) nearby parking
  • iconAvis (Transport rentalcar)
  • iconCafé du Simplon (Food restaurant)
  • iconKocher (Shopping bakery)
  • iconHotel Victoria (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconBest Western Hotel Mirabeau (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconEuro Café (Food cafe)
  • iconYosemite (Shopping diy)
  • iconMogador (Food pub) nearby parking
  • iconSubway (Food fastfood)
  • iconMont Fleuri (Transport busstop)
  • iconAux Délices d'Orient (Food restaurant)
  • iconRestaurant Mirabeau (Food restaurant)
  • iconK Kiosk (Shopping kiosk)
  • iconDupertuis électronique (Shopping hifi)
  • iconBella Vita (Food restaurant)

  • Tips to find parking places in Lausanne

    You can find more Lausanne and nearby city parking places by click the map above. Using the map will give you the exact location you are interested to find a parking space.

    Most hotels also provide parking spaces for a fee. That is why we also list hotels around Lausanne.

    You can find much more parking spaces on local roads in Lausanne. Local road parkings sometimes may provide cheap rates than large parking facilities.

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