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Parkings near Tarija, Tarija

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Parkings near Tarija, Tarija

Tarija City Parking Guide

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Parkings near city center

Tarija Airport Parking

Tarija Local Road Parking

  • Parkings near city landmarks

  • iconUE Maria Laura Justiniano (Education school) nearby parking
  • iconUE 4 de Julio (Education school)
  • iconUE Adela Zamudio (Education school)
  • iconColegio María Laura (Education school)
  • iconMercado Negro (Shopping supermarket)
  • iconFeel (Shopping clothes)
  • iconcasi quesi (Food fastfood)
  • iconMío Supermercado (Shopping supermarket)
  • iconUE Lindaura Anzoategui de Campero (Education school) nearby parking
  • iconUE Candy Colodro de Reyes (Education school)
  • iconUE Sacrado Corazon de Jesus (Education school)
  • iconLiceo Campero (Education school)
  • iconSnack Teve (Food restaurant)
  • iconEli's Pizza (Food fastfood)
  • iconPlazuela Mariscal Sucre (Landuse grass)
  • iconCentro Boliviano Americano (Education school)
  • iconMokka (Food cafe) nearby parking
  • iconHostal Bolivar (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconRICKY'S (Food fastfood)
  • iconChingos (Food restaurant)
  • iconUniversidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo" (Education university)
  • iconGuten Cafe Resto Bar (Food restaurant)
  • iconHotel Mitru (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconEl Buen Gusto a lo Gaucho (Food cafe)
  • iconBiblioteca Franciscana (Amenity library) nearby parking
  • iconLa Vendetta pizzería (Food restaurant)
  • iconUE Tercera Orden Franciscana (Education school)
  • iconClínica Atie (Health hospital)
  • iconUE Carmen Echazu (Education school)
  • iconUE Arco Iris (Education school)
  • iconLa Bifurcada (Food bar)
  • iconUE Mimitos (Education school)
  • iconBus para lago San Jacinto (Transport busstop) nearby parking
  • iconSan Francisco (Place of worship christian)
  • iconRoberto (Shopping departmentstore)
  • iconPalacio de Justicia (Amenity court)
  • iconGran Buenos Aires (Accommodation hostel)
  • iconHeladeria La Fontana (Shopping confectionery)
  • iconUE Emma de Briancon Mañana (Education school)
  • iconPazza Express (Food fastfood)
  • iconLaboratorio Tarija Colors (Shopping departmentstore) nearby parking
  • iconA San Jacinto (Transport busstop)
  • iconGran Hotel Max (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconJades Pizza (Food fastfood)
  • iconTasca Madrid (Food restaurant)
  • iconUniversidad UNO (Education school)
  • iconMercado Guadalquivir (Shopping marketplace)
  • iconUE Tarija (Education school)

  • Tips to find parking places in Tarija

    You can find more Tarija and nearby city parking places by click the map above. Using the map will give you the exact location you are interested to find a parking space.

    Most hotels also provide parking spaces for a fee. That is why we also list hotels around Tarija.

    You can find much more parking spaces on local roads in Tarija. Local road parkings sometimes may provide cheap rates than large parking facilities.

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